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Global wellness Day

Mandar Vaidya : master in web & graphics
Published by Me in Wellness · 11 June 2021
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Wellness & well being both walks hand in hand.
This day is about your wellness. This day is to ponder in your ‘self’ and check your physical & mental wellness. Apart from these two, social, intellectual & spiritual wellness is also an integral part of one’s life.
To take care of our physical wellness we prefer healthy diet, we attend timely sleep and we perform exercises as well. For the most of the times physical wellness is in our control. But in case of mental wellness, due to the involvement of many other things, this is not in our control. But the best part is we can master this technique with a proper guidance of an honorable teacher or teachers. A guided meditation surely helps to obtain utmost mental wellness.
We must maintain proper behavior & healthy relations for social wellness. This can be obtained by observing the other humble and successful people and practicing accordingly.
Intellectual wellness comes only by learning new things at every turn in your life. Your happiness & satisfaction causes more wellness of this type.
Broadly, for a common man, spiritual wellness is an outcome of how you treat an annoying person in your life. But if we think on the other hand, spirituality is endless. It also believes in your past birth & rebirth.
As on today, Wellness indicates your physical well being. Beauty salon, spa, skin & hair treatment center they all moves around physical wellness.
Now days, to maintain wellness forever a huge cosmetic industry exists all over the globe. Many national & international brands keep on penetrating their advertisements on every possible media. Right from newspaper & print magazines, from hoardings to kiosks, from social media to radio ads; they exist every time… everywhere.
My experience with two local brands in this industry is quiet satisfactory. I worked for AMOGHA Skin Sense (owned by Dr. Vrushali Shinde) from Kolhapur and WISTERIA Skin Care (owned by Dr. Ashwini Wagaj) from Pune.

Contact details :
AMOGHA Skin Sense, Kolhapur :
Phone – 9423042929
WISTERIA Skin Care, Pune :
Phone - 9860245256

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